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About Me
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Map of the spot where I live from yellow pages above.


I am Dan Spångberg.
I live in Västerhaninge south of Stockholm, Sweden
I am 68 years old.
I lived in an apartment with my fiancee Ann-Britt until she passed away. Now I live here alone. 
Our children are not living with us. They are old enough to manage of their own.


My hobbies are:
Computers and the Internet.
Talking and writing to people from all over the world.
Fishing and outdooractivities.
I am a member of the Swedish/national homeguard (hemvärnet) and my rank is sergeant. I am a veteran member nowadays. 


I am a frequent user of Paltalk and I am an adminastrator in a couple of rooms. Got a web-cam and I am often in cam-sessions with friends from all over the world.  I am also listening to good music in the rooms, Silverd's and Elvis 24 hour room are favorites.
Download Paltalk, it's free.

The  MSN Messenger is not bad either.


 Old movies with Humprey Bogart, Ingmar Bergman and some of the James Bond movies. Star wars, Star Trek and all the movies about sience fiction

 My favorite music:

Elvis Presley, John Fogerthy, Jerry Lee Lewis etc.
I like to download old favorites from the mp3 sites
Got a lot of old songs and melodies in my library. And I also copy them to CD's

My favorite authors

Swedish classical authors: Wilhelm Moberg, August Strindberg.
And Allistair McLean and Ken Follet to name a few in the action genre.
Read all about sience ficton when I was younger. Clarke and Asimov are my favorites.

The tune you hear is "Swedish Rhapsody" by Mantovani